The Three Keys

by Don Ackermann



Have you ever been confronted with having to make a decision that could change your life forever? And what if there were only two alternatives and no matter which one you chose, you could suffer a great loss? What would you do?


Threatened by a powerful and unscrupulous adversary, James Schroeder finds himself outmaneuvered and trapped. He can risk his family being torn apart or, by committing perjury, betray his client and see his own reputation destroyed. These are the only two choices left to him, and he sees no way out. Being a man of principle, Schroeder knows no matter which decision he makes, he’s going to have great difficulty living with it. How did he get into this mess? Was he being punished for something he did wrong in the past?


Does God Exist?

by Don Ackermann



Ask yourself: Do I hope there is a God, a benevolent God? And if so … why? Who among us has never wondered if God exists? And who among us wouldn’t want to know the answer?


Science has taught us in school that there is no God, that all life is the result of evolution. Some of the best brains in the world make up the scientific community. How can they be wrong?


But what if I were to tell you that there has been an awakening in the scientific community? That many prominent physicists, cosmologists, astronomers, and philosophers have changed their mind. Many now believe God may very well exist, and much of what we are witness to in this world is the result of Intelligent Design. Would that make a difference in what you believe? Could you then accept, as some scientists now do, at least the possibility that God exists? And would you want to pursue finding out?


If your answer to both these questions is yes, you’ll want to read “Does God Exist? – Are Science and the Belief in God Compatible?” I think you’ll find that they are. Keep an open mind and be prepared to be enlightened … and perhaps even a little surprised.





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